Essential items you should have when you go to meet with your divorce attorney.

I often find it very helpful if when I meet with clients that they have the following documents with them so that I can immediately begin to work on preparing the documents for the divorce. These things essential, but not having them should not delay you from seeing an attorney.

  1. Copies of all vital documentsThe most important of these Documents is the marriage certificate. If you have children, you should include any birth certificates, adoption or guardianship papers.
  2. Bring your federal and state income tax for the last three years.Bring all supporting document for your tax returns includin W-2s, 1099s, 1098 And all the schedules. This may be tedious but it is very necessary.
  3. Bring at least four of your most recent, consecutive, pay stubs from each employer.If during the year you’ve worked for different employers, bring those pay stubs with you. Have at least four that show that the rate of pay is consistent.
  4. Health Care DocumentationPlease bring documentation showing the cost and availability of your insurance coverage. This may include an employee handbook.
  5. Bank statements for the last three yearsBring bank statements for the past three years on all the accounts that you may have had either individually or jointly with the other party to the case.
  6. Statements on any investments for the last three years ofBrings statements for the past three years for any investments may have such as, securities, stocks bond certificates of deposit, 401(k)s or IRAs.
  7. Copies of loan or mortgage applications made by either party in the last three yearsIf you apply for a loan of any type, or mortgage, you need to submit these to your attorney.
  8. Make a summary of all everything you own: your debts and assetsMake a brief, but accurate summary of all your bank accounts, credit card debt, investments, loans, debt and assets that you may have . You are basically doing a summary of everything that you have brought with you to the attorneys office, plus adding in just about everything else that you own to include your automobile(s) any collectibles and even the value of the items in your home. This is a rough list and you don’t need to have anything appraised, but be honest about the value of the items.

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