Child Support Defense

When you need to defend against an increase in child support, there are many factor that have to be considered to help the Court make a fair and accurate determination of appropriate child support. It is important to properly asses the overall income of the other parent seeking the support. Very often this can be non-monetary in nature, but may be considered as income by the court. The other parent may be receiving financial aide from a church or living with someone for free, which may not be reported on thier financial statements. Sadly, the Court will often overlook alternative sources of income.

Additionally, if the parent seeking support is unemployed, or underemployed, the Court may force a parent to search for work or attribute income to a parent for their failure to work.

Each child support dispute is different and therefor each case requires careful study to develop the proper strategy. I will develop a strategy for your case by using all legally permissible methods to ensure you only pay what is fair.