Update: All Massachusetts Family Courts have been operating mostly virtually and occasionally in person. Attorneys can file divorces, motions and contempts, as well as other types of complaints. The court will be moving to in person by October 2022.

I know that Divorce is Difficult

Divorce is not only emotionally difficult, it can potentially have many negative effects on individual’s financial and physical well-being. Other potential losses include parents losing time with their children, a drop in income either due to support payments or the loss of a spouse’s income and the potential loss of any property accumulated during marriage.

You need An Experienced Attorney By Your Side

There is only one opportunity to present your case to the court and it is imperative you have the right attorney on your side to make those moments count. You and your children deserve the best chance of securing the appropriate Court orders to begin the next phase of your lives instead of having a lifetime of hardship and financial struggle as a result of the divorce.

I Will Protect Your Best Interests

I understand the potential risks involved in a divorce and take my job of protecting my client’s best interests very seriously. I not only offer sympathetic and effective legal counsel, but I diligently prepare your case, ensure all deadlines are met for filing court documents, and develop a plan and strategy to maximize your chances of success in the courtroom. My strategies combined with my detailed pre-court preparation, and my commitment to doing my best has made all the difference for our clients.

As my client, you can expect I will competently and diligently prepare the required Petition for Divorce or Response to Petition for Divorce, prepare all required preliminary disclosures, subsequent disclosures, and required discovery as well as providing zealous advocacy at all court hearings, including Temporary Orders hearings, Settlement 4 way Conferences, Pretrial memoranda and trials.