Child Custody

I know fighting for the custody of a child is Difficult. Losing custody of a child can be the most truamatic and earth shattering experience of you life.

You need An Experienced Attorney By Your Side

There is only one opportunity to present your case to the Court and it is imperative you have the right attorney on your side to make those moments count. I have been involved in custody cases for 27 year, seven years as a DCF social worker and 20 years as an attorney. Case after case has shown that my case strategies combined with my detailed pre-court preparation, and my commitment to doing my best for my clients has made all the difference. You and your children deserve the best chance of securing the appropriate Court orders and judgments

I Will Protect Your Interests

I understand the potential risks involved in a child custody case and take my job of protecting my client’s best interests very seriously. I not only offer sympathetic and effective legal counsel, but I diligently prepare your case, ensure all deadlines are met for filing court documents, and develop a plan and strategy to maximize your chances of success in the courtroom.