10 Things You Must Do Before You Call an Attorney

Imagine you have just been served some paperwork from a sheriff and you are upset.   You know that you need some help figuring out what all your legal options are.  You decide to call an attorney.


  1. Find somewhere safe and quiet  to make your call from,
  2. Make sure you have the time you need to concentrate on the call,
  3. make sure that you have the privacy you need,
  4. Have your calendar or schedule available,
  5. have whatever materials you received with you,
  6. review as well as you can the materials your received,
  7. write down any questions you need answered imediately,
  8. have a pad and pen ready to take any notes,
  9. Take a second to collect your thoughts: Breath,
  10. If you do not have an attorney, search on your phone or computer for a local attorney who handle the type of issue you have. I recommend Avvo.com.

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