Seeking Child Support

If you have custody of your child and need the financial support the other parent, you need to file as soon as you can, because even though you may have to wait a few months to go before the judge, you will be paid retroactively to the date that the oposing party got notice.

Child support can be paid directly to you, or you can have the Department of Revenue collect it for you by garnishment of wages.

Child support litigation is fact specific and I ensure that all pertinent documents are subpoenaed from the opposing party, including tax returns, bank statements, pay stubs, and any other relevant financial documents. We know that child-support disputes are stressful in nature, which is why I encourage my clients to trust a proven track-record and leave their worries to me – I will ensure that your case is prepared correctly and presented to the court in the most effective manner possible so that you and your children are taken care of both now and in the future.